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Facebook Videos Views – The New Trend Adopted by Small Businesses

Facebook Videos Views – The New Trend Adopted by Small Businesses

Facebook counts a video view after 3-4 seconds, so businesses are immensely focusing on views. To make a mark, it is best to buy real Facebook video views.

There seems to be a new trend in small businesses at the moment that is of buying online Facebookvideo views. Until recently, YouTube has been the most prominent player in the online video marketing industry. But it has been reported that Facebook videos get as much as twice the amount of views than those of YouTube embeds, and as many as 7 times the engagement.

It is not surprising that YouTube has been the leading platform for video distribution, it has over a billion users and a number of strong marketing features. There are numerous benefits to getting into the video marketing game in order to advertise your business. But it is interesting that Facebook has become the second largest online video source.

According to a recent study 180,000 Facebook videos that are posted across 20,000 pages in 2014. The direct loading of videos onto Facebook by content marketers had increased by as much as 50% from January to June that year. Interaction with video changed drastically as soon as the auto-play feature was added to the Facebook News Feed. Videos are an excellent means of marketing as viewers enjoy sharing videos with each other. 92% of mobile video viewers share the videos with others. It gives all businesses a reason to buy real Facebook video views.

When it comes to getting your customers to share your videos with others, Facebook is the way to go. In 2014 it was found that Facebook attracted four times the traffic than popular sites such as Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest, Tumblr, Reddit and Stumbleupon. Facebook currently has over 500 million users, which mean that it is a website with a high traffic rate. Facebook is also the most popular social media site for mobile users who spend up to 24% of their time on Facebook. It is also the leading social login with 46%, whereas, Google is the second largest social login, with 34%.

It turns out that the average person spends more of their time on Facebook per day. As users can easily tag their friends in videos, Facebook has some amazing capabilities to encode keywords. If you would like to try your hand at video marketing on Facebook, it is best to know the right ways to go about it. The most popular online marketing videos are rather short as the attention span of humans is rather short. So, aim to have your marketing video play in less than 30 seconds, 22 seconds seem to be optimal, if you want your viewer to watch the whole thing. So, the challenge is to find a way to get the point across to your audience in a very short period.

It is important to learn to optimize your videos. At the start, write a captivating title and use some great keywords in order to drive interest to your online videos. Only after that you can put your focus towards your online business. This is one of the simple ways to gain views and engagement for your videos.


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