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Terms & Conditions

We are an authentic and reliable business owner for promoting your brand. We abide by the online law and rules of services so that we can provide best services and products to our clients. It is our duty to serve our customers with excellent services that can highly benefit them. We request our customers to read and understand the terms and conditions so to make our professional relationship strong and healthy for a better future aspect among us.

Before our customers avail our services we want them to read and consent with the terms and conditions.

1. We are not accountable of your intention of information use or the data found in our website. After you read this you agree to accept any error or inaccuracy if it ever found in our content. We are a legitimate online site that does not direct any contract for any future happenings that these errors and inaccuracies might go through over your usage.

2. Your legal rights as a client do not get harmed or affected by the online terms and conditions.
3. In the future the online terms and conditions can alter. If/when that happens we want you to follow the new regulations and rules. If by any chance you cannot agree with the changes the only option for you is to stop all further services with our site.
4. We are not responsible for any indirect or accidental damage caused by the services like lost revenues, profits etc.
5. We make sure to return the full amount if there is any errors or failures from our end. If you demand a refund then you must get in touch with us before 10PM UTC when the orders have been placed for that particular day. We would not return back any amount after the service begins. All the follow and like logs would be used as a proof that you have purchased our services. if any kind of dispute or dissatisfaction arises from the completed order then we have full authority to take down all followers from your account.

Price and Payment Options:

We know the value of our client’s time and money. The clients get cheated with fake promises and offers from a fraud website. With honesty as our priority we try to deliver on time. We want to meet your needs but not cheat you with a heavy price. The products and services we offer would never disappoint our customers. We have a 24/7 customer care assistance team trained properly to help our clients with their services.